The Presenters


Sameena Ali-Khan

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Sameena began presenting in commercial radio then moved to BBC Asian Network, BBC GMR, WM and London and 5 Live.

Then came the screen test. Since then she’s worked as a reporter/presenter for BBC North West Today, Inside Out, Midlands Today and now ITV News Central.

Sameena is also the most followed ITV presenter on ITV social media channels.

Sameena is also a mother of two and a keen cook, she loves discovering and creating new flavours in the kitchen and learning secret cooking tips from her mother. Sameena is a ‘Healthy Kitchenist’; she wants to know that all family meals are not only tasty but healthy as well.

Sameena has discovered that you can have a Healthy Kitchen without making big changes and just shopping a bit smarter in your normal shops. Small changes like changing oil, less- frying and less salt can make all the difference.

See Healthy Kitchen recipe cards to see how simple it can be to cook delicious healthier meals; after all, it’s easy when you know how


Rachel Muse

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Rachel is our star chef, royalty, sports stars, world-leaders; they’ve all tasted the super flavours that come from Rachel’s foodie mind. Rachel is very much a ‘Healthy Kitchenist’. She believes that we all have the capabilities of cooking simple, tasty healthy food in our own homes with just a few small changes.

‘Healthy Kitchen is very much about how easy it is to cook delicious family meals at home. You don’t have to be a master chef or food snob, you just need to make small changes and try new dishes’

All the recipes Rachel has cooked in the series are easy to make, the ingredients can be found in your local shop and your local supermarket. Simply download the recipe cards or follow Rachel’s ‘Quick Cook’ videos on Healthy kitchen’s YouTube channel and you are away. So what are you waiting for? ‘It’s easy when you know how’



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The driving force of Healthy Kitchen brand, an environmental health officer, a mother and of course a ‘Healthy Kitchenist’, she is passionate about where our food comes from, how we can eat healthier and how we can live an all round healthier lifestyle.

Always learning, always helping, Ruksana is the shows ‘in the field’ reporter. Follow her as she explores our food chain around the country. From farms, to farmers' markets to butcher shops, you will discover with Ruksana how the food we eat arrives to our table.